Feel The Hirn!

Lauren & Erik’s very first date was at the Hawk Hollow Putt Putt in East Lansing on Labor day 2016. He won, but Lauren wasn't too far behind him! They then continued the date at a little pub down the street for dinner and drinks. They had a blast that evening!

Although it took him 9 long months to say, Erik was the first to say “I love you”. But Lauren pretty much knew that she wanted to marry Erik when they went to a local brewery and he asked if she wanted to play a board game. Little did he know, Lauren absolutely loves boardgames. Erik knew he wanted to marry Lauren after our very first vacation! They went to Miami, FL and had the time of their lives.

Lauren & Erik’s wedding day was a wonderful, love-filled day! Surrounded by friends and family, this couple prepped for their nuptials separately. Once ready, and before rain moved in, Lauren & Erik opted for a private first look prior to the ceremony at Polo Fields, Ann Arbor. Luckily, Mother Nature knew we needed some time for some portraits before the ceremony and the rain was delayed just long enough. The clouds parted and the rain subsided for Lauren & Erik’s outdoor ceremony officiated by the wonderful Derrick Willis.

When asked, “what's your best advice to anyone planing a wedding?” Lauren wanted to let all of you future brides know a secret: don't sweat the small stuff! Nobody (but yourself) will remember the tiny candles you displayed on your cake table or the lanterns you had to have setup in front of the alter. What people will remember is good food, the dancing, the LOVE and the drinks of course!

Lauren & Erik’s best relationship advice? Always make each other laugh. Laughing is very important and to find someone that can make you laugh in the good times and the bad times is a win! Erik is the funniest person Lauren knows and can always make her laugh when she’s feeling down.

Lauren & Erik love Ann Arbor Brewing Co. in downtown Ypsilanti! That is their go to place for drinks and a snack. They love that they have trivia, games, and an outdoor area to enjoy in the summer. They also enjoy the deck at their house where Lauren & Erik play lots of backgammon and get to spend time with their fur-baby, Maggie.