What do you need to start a fire?

What is the key to starting an everlasting fire? Tinder. And that’s just where Jeremy and Shelby met.

For their first date, Jeremy said that they’d meet up at one of two local bars in Frankenmuth. Shelby told him that she was classy and that they’d be going to Prost - a fancy wine bar in Frankenmuth - for their first date. They had such an easy way of making each other laugh that night.

On their second date, Jeremy and Shelby went on an adventure to an extreme go cart track. Shelby made it a competition and said that the loser would buy dinner. Of course, Jeremy took this challenge and Shelby lost. However, she stayed true to her word and bought dinner that night.

On Jeremy’s birthday, six months after dating, Shelby was the first to say “I love you”. To say the rest is history, would be a lie…

Nine months into their relationship, Shelby discovered that she had a very large brain tumor. After having brain surgery to remove the tumor, pathology came back that she had a malignant grade three astrocytoma. This type of cancer needed aggressive treatment with radiation and chemotherapy. Shelby’s strongest memory of this is just crying wrapped in Jeremy’s arms; but he told her that they could get through this together. He stood by Shelby’s side through it all. Jeremy never gave up on Shelby. He gave her hope for an amazing future with him.

Shelby says that loving Jeremy is so incredibly easy and not a day goes by that he doesn’t make her laugh. He is everything that she ever wanted love to be.

After completing her chemotherapy, and to her surprise, he proposed to Shelby at the place where it all began.