Cyndi's Haircut Transformation

Enter Cyndi Church.  This woman is nothing short of fierce!  Her love for her friends and family is incomparable. Her dedication to the Alzheimer's Foundation runs deep in her soul.  Let me elaborate, the color for the foundation is purple....she has a purple Dodge Challenger, her bedroom is decorated in purple, she paints her nails purple, she decorated her Christmas tree in purple, she even dyes her hair purple.

Her hair is where this post and these images come in.  Cyndi's hair as of recently has been breaking at the crown of her head.  Whether it's from damage from treatments or heat, or the way she sleeps, the reason why doesn't really matter.  What matters is the emotional and nerve-wracking moment of having to cut off inches of hair to fix it.  

Along comes Martha at Don Franco Salon in Grand Blanc.  Martha is amazing!  She's beautiful, funny, and extremely talented with some scissors!  Martha took a look at what Cyndi needed done and went to work.  She was able to cut some inches off, leave some length in the front so Cyndi didn't feel that she lost all of her hair, and kept the sassiness that is Cyndi by giving her the cutest lob ever!  Cyndi can rock it!!!

My approach to these unique photos was that of the emotional time of birthing photography.  The reason for this is:
• There's the emotional wait in the waiting room.  • There's the unique tools and equipment used for just this field.  • There's the transition time period of "delivering".  • There's the end result - which is usually emotional (happy, joy, excitement, tears, etc.).

I'm thankful to have friends and family that are willing to let me put my camera in their faces at what seems to be the most awkward moments.  I hope you enjoy the images below!