Karla's 30th Cake (& Wine) Smash

Let me take a moment and gush about this lady right here!  I first met Karla when I took my daughter, Jozlyn, to daycare.  Karla was one of the daycare classroom teachers.  Jozlyn grew up knowing Ms. Karla.  So when it came time for me to find a babysitter, Ms. Karla was my first choice!  And she loves Jozlyn so very much and Jozlyn loves her!  Karla treats Jozlyn's as I would treat her, cuddles with her when she doesn't feel well, bandages boo-boos with tenderness, tucks her in at bedtime, and even disciplines her when needed.  Ms. Karla went from a daycare classroom teacher to a member of my family.  We adore and love her very much and treasure her friendship!

When Karla contacted me about doing a 30th Cake/Wine smash photo session, my first thought was, "There's no way you're 30!"  For some reason, I've always kept Karla frozen in time at 23...she'll always be 23 to me.  My second thought was, "Absolutely! Just let me know when!"

This session was a lot of fun...and Karla may have gotten a bit buzzed!  Thank goodness she had a whole cake to nibble on!  And after the shoot, Karla was sure to leave the leftover cake for Jozlyn.  And the dog in the photos...that's Daphne.  She's my little chihuahua - which Karla also takes care of whenever we need a babysitter.  So Daphne is Karla's adopted babysitting dog.  

Karla is the most true-blue person you'll ever meet!  I adore her for everything she is, everything she's been, and everything she's going to be!  I respect the trust between us and value our friendship even more!  Karla will always hold a special place in the heart of my family!