My Winter Floral Project

I've been doing photography for quite a few years now.  And while I love my craft, there's always new things to learn, new gear being released, new styles of shooting and editing, and tons of new and different ways of doing things.

The other day I came across some macro photography and it inspired me to try something new. I've never taken macro photographs of single flowers with the focus of the details.  My macro photography usually consists of wedding ring shots at weddings.  And that's about the extent of action that my macro lens sees.

I purchased my macro lens with wedding ring shots in mind; so it's absolutely doing the job.  But I want more out of it!  So the other day, I headed into VG's to grab coffee creamer.  As you walk in the main entrance, you have to walk right pass the floral section.  And they had a bouquet of small, crinkled flowers on sale for $5.  I saw this as an opportunity to use my Canon 100mm macro lens.

The flowers as a whole weren't very appealing; they were crushed, dying, and starting to turn brown in spots.  I thought to draw the attention away from the imperfections, so spray some water on the flowers.  And I have to say....I love the results!

For this project, I used a fake plant I had in the spare bedroom to hang the single flowers from.  I put the fake plant on a black leather chair and put some paper towel down to catch any dripping water.  I didn't use any other light source than what light is given with having the lights on in my office.  And I shot away!

I hope you enjoy the results as much as I do!  And this is the first time I'm offering my work to the public for purchase.  Support a local business and buy prints, canvases, or digital downloads here: